Econergy's Model

Econergy is a multi-strategy, multi-asset platform that empowers users to control their own energy future. Econergy builds energy coalitions that include networked organizations that combine their energy load.


Creating a coalition allows Econergy to serve as the program manager, develop new renewable energy assets, and offer other sustainability aligned services.

Our coalition approach unlocks access to pooled assets that traditionally only Fortune 500 companies could pursue.

How to start a coalition //

Establishing a consortium with Econergy is simple.


Your organization names the program and decides who will be allowed to join. You sign a program management agreement with Econergy and the energy coalition is ready. Your organization retains full ownership and governance of the program. Econergy operates under the branding your organization selects. Econergy becomes the service provider and performs all the necessary work to run the program.

There are no costs to the organization at any point in the program. Our revenue comes from investing in the assets we develop to service the load. Members never incur costs to join the programs. This is a 100% opt-in program for members.

Joining a coalition // 

As an opt-in program, members will evaluate each benefit and device to proceed. To join, simply send last month’s electric bills to Econergy. Shortly thereafter, the coalition will return with a quote for their new energy price.


Once a member signs up, they will learn about the next phase of the process, the development of assets. After a member approves of the additional savings opportunities, Econergy will begin building renewable assets with no upfront costs to members. 

Benefits to members // 

Econergy wants to partner with organizations. Econergy pays the owners of each coalition for every megawatt-hour used by a member. Again, no fees are ever charged by Econergy to your organization or to the members.

We have current customers that have seen up to 40% savings on their electric bills since joining a coalition.

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